Custom made Solutions

We provide an advisory service and are capable of managing any technical project or accomplishing subtasks. Together with our partners, we can also design and manufacture devices for your business and deliver them turn key.

Structural Steelwork

We design, calculate and dimension all kinds of structure, including for example bespoke cranes, cross beams, roofs, bridges or whatever is required. We calculate dimensions with respect to fatigue resistance, rigidity and strength at normal, high or low temperatures. Forces may act selectively or continuously.

Calculation of Mechanical Strength

With extensive experience in continuum analysis, we are able to compute the global strength and rigidity of your constructions using the finite elemt analysis (FEA) and to issue evidences of stability for discrete critical members (e.g. calculation of bolted joints applying VDI 2230). Generally, we are using ANSYS for this aims, but we are willing to aquire other licenses in context of major assignments. We are executing proofs of strength and stability. We calculate fatigue strength according to FKM-Rule and IIW.

Ocean Engineering

Beside the development of devices for in-situ operation we work on solutions for the generation and investigation of artificial benthic environments inside a laboratory e.g. small sized electrical drives (rated for 6000 m depth) and under water TV cameras and BBL-systems.

Pressure Vessels

The development, design and manufacturing of pressure vessels up to 630 bar (9100 psi), dealing with the marine environment is one of our specialities. We have some knowledge in the construction of pressure laboratories and deep sea aquaria, which generate an artificial deep-sea environment inside a pressure vessel and enable monitoring, operation and control by interfaces. A description in detail can be seen here.

Mechanical Engineering

We manage any project in the arena of technical engineering. We also create solutions using modern methods of computer admitted engineering (Pro Engineer Wildfire and AutoCAD, the employment of other solutions is possible in context of major assignments), and generate technical drawing, acquire partners for manufacturing, supply, etc.

IMO Fire Control and Safety Plans acc. to SOLAS-Regulation II-2/15.2.4 and ISO 17631 (2002)

We draw IMO Fire Control and Safety Plans regarding all relevant regulations (and your wishes) using the symbols prescribed in IMO A.760(18) and IMO A.654(16) or rather A.952(23). You send us your documentation as hardcopy or computer file, we will make a preliminary draft and settle the necessary changes with you. For this aim, we are also disposed to audition you in person. Finally you get the plans ready for usage in wished count.

Technical Documentation

We create reference manuals, user guides, data sheets, operating instructions, technical brochures, risk assessments, declarations of conformity, etc. for your devices. We are also digitising your archives (hard-copy, microfilm, *,tif,...) using ProEngineer (3D) and AutoCAD (2D).


We prepare and compile the essential documents for the certification of your device (German Lloyd, TÜV) and unburden you of the formalities.

Deck Layouts and Marine Operations

We determine geometry and other conditions of your ship or barge and transfer them to CAD, if necessary from paper drawings or using tape and inch rule. Afterwards we design the deck layout, execute all necessary calculations (sea-fastening, center of gravity, etc..), design all necessary appliances and illustrate all substeps in 3D (or as wished 2D). You get the complete certified documentation as *.pdf or *.dwg.

Aero- and Hydrodynamics

We would be glad to advise you in your aero- or hydrodynamic challenge. This may be a large advertising boarding on your vessel, the wind load on a roof, or what ever you need. We also have some knowledge and experience in this domain.
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